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D+C  e-Paper  December 2015 3 D+C December 2015 In German in E+Z Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit. Both language versions at Monitor4 ASEAN should prepare for more Rohingya refugees / TTIP must not undermine development-oriented trade agreements / UN faces more challenges than climate change / One-Dollar-Glasses: affordable visual aids for the poor / In Latin America, victims of human trafficking tend to be migrants from marginalised communities / Nowadays: No press freedom in Egypt / Imprint / International Energy Agency opposes fuel subsidies and cheap petrol prices / German ODA at record level Focus: Multinationals from emerging markets Virginia Mercado: Cemex, the cement producer from Mexico, takes interest in poor customers’ dreams16 Aditi Roy Ghatak: Indian Tata group has been setting social standards for more than a century 19 Interview with Doris Fischer: Chinese multinationals are making headway 22 Cod Satrusayang and Chayut Setboonsarng: Bill Heinecke started Minor International with a single hotel in Thailand and is now running a huge business empire26 Alan Robles: How a poor nation’s beer became famous all over the world28 Interview with Josef Boven: African businesses are increasingly becoming active beyond their nations’ borders 30 Tribune Abdou Rahime Diallo: Diaspora entrepreneurs are drivers of development 32 Katharina Borchardt: Indonesian novelists tackle the Suharto dictatorship 34 Ute Schaeffer: The media must counter the online propaganda of ISIS 36 Michael Bohnet: German development policy should focus on global cooperation 38 Debate46 Comments on the garments industry in Bangladesh, Ghana’s new sovereign debt problem, the climate summit in Paris and the responses to the terror attacks in Paris Countering the media ­strategy of ISIS Without digital media, the terror militia ISIS would be much weaker. Some 7,000 Salafis currently live in Germany, and more than 700 have left to join forces with ISIS. The militia’s propaganda machine is aiming to attract many more. The media should thwart such efforts, demands Ute Schaeffer of Deutsche Welle Akademie. You’ll also find a com- ment on western responses to the ISIS atrocities in Paris in our Debate section.  Page 36, 43 Building bridges Members of migrant diasporas have a greater impact on business development than is generally assumed. Governments should support entrepre- neurs, argues Abdou Rahime Diallo, a Berlin-based consultant.  Page 32 Let’s talk! The garments industry in Bangladesh is making progress. Representatives of companies, trade unions and government agencies are discussing matters in tripartite meetings. Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Develop- ment supports the approach. Hans-Joachim Fuchtel, the parliamentary state secretary, explains why.  Page 40 Tribune Irham/picture-alliance/dpa Debate BMZ