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D+C  e-Paper  December 2015 17 Cemex road tanker on a German Autobahn. try. Diversification was another good move. Cemex is considerably less dependent on income from the sale of cement than for instance its direct competitors, the Swiss Holcim group and the French Lafarge. Rodolfo Rubio Etcharren, who is the vice chair- man of the consulting group “Vértice Comunicación”, recently spoke about Mexico’s three most success- ful companies worldwide: Cemex, Corona and Señor Frog’s. According to Etcharren, the secret to Cemex’s success is that “it operates like a local player in every country it is active in”. He also emphasised Cemex’s authenticity, resistance to external shocks and prox- imity to the customer, which has always been one of its defining features. For Etcharren, Cemex is the most global Mexican company at the moment. A varied history Of course, the company had to cope with difficulties over the course of its history. For example, the nation- alisation of Venezuela’s cement industry in 2008 resulted in a long legal battle that wasn’t settled until after the death of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez. The most contentious issue was compensation. There